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Blue trousers and white t shirt

Blue Palazzo Trousers

Some things make life better but fashion got a purpose to get some fun in life. Experience is what is all about. Well, I am not trend crazy. I don't do trends. I wear what I personally feel good in and what compliments my body type. Palazzo trousers are that special piece of garment especially when it comes in some pop in color. You can call it boring or whatsoever this statement that this is currently my favorite item in my wardrobe. Yes, I said it a million times. It is something special in that 70' vibes and colorful clothes. Don't mind my editing skill I ruin the sharpness and color but for now, I really like that washed vibe on pictures. I got lots of compliments for this particular item even dough when I was buying it I wasn't sure. But I bought it anyway. It is easy peasy to pull out an outfit with this. Top or blouse. Heels or sneakers. It's your choice. I like to style it in both ways. Depends on occasion. I got a good makeup day but with this specific editing, it's kinda hard to say that i tried. But really I am. I cut my hair also. Love this length and way of cut. Simple to style and quick to dry. What girl can wish for more?

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