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Beauty Favorites May/June

Bourjois recently put on the market highlighter and blush duo. I got to get hands on these just because they are cute, but the truth is both products are amazing. From May to June and I use only these two. Strober or highlighter is just in one shade and it is Universal glow. It is subtle glow and it enhances the natural beauty of the skin. I use it sometimes without any other makeup on my cheeks. Blush is another story. There are two shades in the pan. I got mine in shade 02 Romeo et Peachette.  Blush is peachy, and another shade is in the purpose of bronzer. I like it because there are a little mirror and two products in one. Ideal for traveling.

There is a purpose to create perfect complexion in spring/summer days or nights. Some of these products are on the market for some time, and some of them are brand new. But I discovered a few just recently and they work for me just fine.  It's not a secret anymore and the whole world rave about Korean beauty routine, I stay true to my Loreal Lumi cushion. Skin is luminance, smooth and protected from the sun because it contains spf.
Next one I am going to tell you about is this concealer from Maybelline. Everybody talks about it. At first, I didn't understand what the drama about and then after using it for a while I can tell you it erases mine under eye dark circle. Bourjois cc cream is one of the products that I never ever want to buy. I saw it on one blogger and she was swearing this is perfection. I tried and my skin looks with this amazing.
Again Bourjois. But what can I do when french cosmetic is the best. I use this liquid lipstick a lot. You can tell by the tube, it's almost empty. It is velvet lipstick and got that matt finish. I got mine in shade 10 Don't pink of it!
I don't pay much attention to brow, just add some gel mascara and that's it. Makeup artist uses this product. I got to say it is really good, special for this kind of weather.

Nails are just my thing. I like to do it alone and when you have the proper nail polish it is easy. I love this Eveline Nail Therapy. Really it is what they claim, my nails grow so long I couldn't write on a laptop normally. But it is a good thing. Right? Just for the sake of change, and not to be so boring with shades I got yellow nail polish. It is important to have all three steps. First Nail therapy, then nail polish, and the last one is a top coat. Nails look like gel alike, and nail polish is on the place for a week. Without any exaggeration.

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