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 I always take care of my skin a lot. I tried different products but natural ingredients go along well with my skin type. I use to have allergies and I thought that my skin is super sensitive. Nowadays for a beautiful complexion, I tend to use more of preparative cosmetics. I don't even need that much foundation just a tiny amount just for sake of it.
For a long time, I used tonic based on rose oil. Recently I discovered Dr. Stribor Cosmetics. I use Gold and Rose Tonic hyaluronic serum Ag/Au CP. Tonic is essential water of rose and gold. These roses have such divine scent. I applied it before foundation.
For my night beauty routine, I applied it after cleansing my skin with Apivita cleansing foam then I massage my face with serum Ag/Au/CP.
I left it for 10 minutes to absorb into a skin then I apply my face cream and eye cream. Once in a week face mask is a must. Currently, I use Novexpert The repulp mask.

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