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Culottes and striped shirt

When you read fashion magazines often culottes as a trend are characterized as an unattractive piece of clothing. I, personally can't imagine my wardrobe without it. Is it in a shape of nice cotton jeans, springtime appropriate or versatile high waisted trousers for business meetings. Culottes like a trend are for a while and somehow turn an outfit into a stylish appearance.

The History of Culottes

 The culotte first appeared in the 1500's, and they were worn exclusively by French, aristocratic males. This particular piece of clothes became so well known to the French elite that during the French Revolution, 1789-1799, the trouser-wearing revolutionary soldiers were coined the 'Sans Culottes'.
The culotte becomes a statement piece of clothing for females from the Victorian times and became a must-have for the physically active women who wanted to ride horses. Victorian culottes were covered as floor-length skirts, with the leg split thoroughly covered, therefore, it was almost impossible to tell the difference.

In my definition of creating a stylish outfit for every day, I styled culottes with a striped shirt. From accessories, I try to make it as much as possible simple so I add just a black belt. Little black suede leather bag and in the same material burgundy loafers.
A month ago I died my hair so it is a little bit darker but I love the shade. Should I mention makeup or it is quite boring because it is always the same?

I'll skip that part this time...

Culottes: Massimo Dutti
Shirt: Massimo Dutti
Loafers:Massimo Dutti
Bag: Mango
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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