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Flare jeans and baker boy hat

The certain thing is flare jeans are not my style. But for outfit inspiration can be helpful. Pairing baker boy hat and bag. Velvet and suede. It seems like a good match. In this jeans, my legs look really long. This type of jeans can be used as the visual effect of longer legs. Adding some red details such as a scarf, really useful these days. Basic red and blue sweater look versatile with a white shirt underneath. It brings elegant and fresh vibe and completes the whole look. Sometimes I ruched the sleeves. It looks cool when it is a visible sleeve with nice detail. At the and nearly visible makeup, nice shoes and watch of course. The look is complete. 

moncler sweater

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My outfit:
Jeans: Gap
Sweater: Moncler
Bag: Mango
Hat: Zara

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