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January Favorites

I will mention some of my favorite products for January but in general, these are some brand new and some of them are in stores for the decade.

Mixa hand cream

 Hand cream from Mixa is one product that you got to have during wintery times. Hands are so soft and protected. I adore all of the product range from Mixa and this hand cream has extraordinary texture.

Nuxe lip balm

 With this balm, I don't have issues with dry lips anymore. Great product. I prefer balm in the stick. It is a little bit practical but the product itself is amazing.

Loreal paradise mascara

 I just got to put it on the list because it is divine. Just one coat and your good to go and what I would like to mention you can easily take it off with warm water. I can say with Bourjous one minute volume it is the best drugstore mascara.

Nivea eye cream Q10

It is must have in any beauty routine. The nice and hydrate eye area is must have any time. This Nivea is light cream and with anti-aging formula is something that is necessary. At least in my age.

Lush Ros argan body conditioner

Conditioner for skin? Well, it is the most luxurious body cream I have ever had. Even better than John Masters body cream. Love the scent and it is easy to apply to skin. Skin is soft and moisturized.

Lush the olive branch

Currently in love with this body wash. Natural ingredients and the scent is absolutely versatile.

Scented Candle

The last one that I currently adore is this particular candle. I love candles and it makes such a difference in an interior. This one is gentle scent and little bit spring alike.

The current literature is as always at least one book from Paulo Coelho. That is just my taste.

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