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Is it winter yet?

Black and white outfit

Winter 2018. No snow. Temperature is even high for this season. But still.. Let s talk about fashion.
 I am persistent about my point of view that for good outfit you got to have something old,  something new, something borrowed. I continue to create an outfit in the same tone.
 When I say something old I mean really old. Like this 25-year-old sweater. Behind it are a history and family heritage. It brings value to me and it is one and the only piece of clothing that you can't find in store or street. It is unique.Sunglasses are new. Classic Ray-Ban with gold detail.
 Teddy Bear coat I got from my sister and it is one of my favorite items that I own. Warm and cozie.
 I paired it with black heels and black trousers. I don't borrow a lot from my younger sister but somehow I borrow some things on repeat.I got to admit this outfit idea come up suddenly, and it turns out great.


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