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Military coat and burgundy bag

Military coat this season is absolute must have.  I styled mine with a burgundy bag, red scarf, skinny jeans and sweater in three colors. It is hidden behind the scarf but anyway some red details make a statement and major finish to the look.

I got to be honest, this burgundy bag was just sitting in my closet and waiting for a better day, but in this combination, it is really powerful and got to mention it is not heavy to wear and I got a lot of stuff in it.

I haven't welcomed red color like a trend for capsule or statement pieces such as boots or coats. I don't like red in general, but adding some red details just to make a pop in that s fine with me. For autumn I choose cold tone colors in every aspect. Only one exception is the foundation. For now warm tone for my skin. Just because I like it how it looks on my skin.

I got first OPI nail polish on my nails shade Pearl Of Wisdom, and then I change my mind about it and put some red on the top from the Essence in shade 04 Instant Love.  I already write about this nail polish in my previous post. Currently, I got all of the autumn shades.

For my lips, I still have my combination of Loreal Blush In Rush 103 lipstick and Loreal lip liner Bois De Rose 302. 

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