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How I organize my wardrobe for a week

1. Denim and trousers/slacks

In this post, I'll try to give you guys some tips how I handle the week. It's not always easy to look good early in the morning but with the good organization based on scheme, it is possible. So I sorted my denim and trousers based on color. On the first pile I got blue and white jeans, in the middle I got gray toned jeans, and on the last pile, there are different types of trousers/slacks. I got for every day different jeans so I got always clean clothes.

In front of jeans, I have some space to put five or six sweaters. Just because it is convenient for me to grab jeans and sweater and make a combination really quickly. I don't hang sweater just because it looks weird and there are some marks on shoulders so I try to make it as simple as possible and put the sweater on the sweater in the closet.

In this section, I got shirts, vest, business suits. A few pullovers, some of the favorite pieces to wear during the week. But basically, I know in advance what will I wear to work. Some occasions demand specific outfit and when I got all prepared and clean it is easy to grab some items and make the outfit that suits me.

After work, I like to change into cozy tracksuit or put some fluffy robe one, and of course read my favorite magazine.

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