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3 wardrobe classics


Wardrobe classics

1. Black coat

One of my wardrobe classics is the black coat. It looks elegant and it is simple to style. It is timeless.

zara skirt


The second one is the pencil skirt. I believe in everybody's closet you can find a skirt. Is it short or long depends on personal style. 
This pencil skirt I styled with all black pieces with colored accessories such as camel bag and red nails.

I love buttons on the left side of the skirt. Great detail so it doesn't look so plain.

Still can't get away without the belt. It holds the outfit on point. This thin leather belt is my current favorite. Everybody is having their pieces which are must have. I am building my belts collection. Can't live without them anymore.


In general, a turtleneck is such an ordinary piece of clothes but yet it gives to one outfit versatile and I might say elegant look. This autumn is for sure one of the must-have pieces in the wardrobe. Turtlenecks are incorporated in sweaters and basic shirt. There are lots of color of it like beige, burgundy and red but still, I choose the black one. Just love the way have it looks.

My outfit:
Turtleneck Marx
Bag Mango
Coat Scandal
Skirt Zara


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