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Robert Sever Fashion Show AW17

 Fashion Week has begun and this one is special because it is 25 University. The show that I attended was by Robert Sever. You can tell from the pictures that I am not a skilled photographer, but in front of the camera, I can manage like fish in the sea. Well, what is here is here.. In this post, I incorporate outfits from the Fashion show, that just take my breath away. Even though pictures are little bit blurry you can see the whole outfit anyway.

 So the first outfit is floral dress paired with red boots and vest on top. Simple, cozy and #ootd for every day.

Yes, yes I got two the same pictures just because I adore this combination. It is pink blazer paired with classic black stilettos and mom jeans that have detail on the ankle. Love it. Blazers are 100% hit piece for the season, but in this combination is must have.

The third combination is kinda Olivia Palermo vibe. Combination dark blue and black are one of my favorites, and this outfit is such a strong and statement. I can see my self in this during the day or even night time. The fluffy vest I love to wear maybe because of that I like this combo so much.

And the last one that I 'll mention is this I think silk dress with a huge and versatile ribbon on the side. I like the length of the dress, and size of the boots if does it make any sense.In general, my opinion is that this collection is simple and so versatile even for daily looks. I just love cozy and simple outfits and in this collection is so much of them.

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