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gingham top over shirt

Oukej this is something I would never, even in my dreams think about to make a combination. But it turns out it is a versatile outfit for every day or for a special occasion. I took my pictures in high heels. Aren' t they pretty? Even dough white sneakers look pretty fine.

Although white shoes aren't my choice one wise person guess what pick it wisely.

It 's not a secret that I borrow my mother s clothes and when I do some inspiration come across and magic happens. This blazer is actually  my mom's jacket for work.

Gingham top over the shirt? Really?

Love this combination. This top is one shoulder and a little bit in waist size up so I wear it at this point with a shirt under. These sleeves are so unusual for business style yet elegant and easy to wear.

I would like to summer raised sentence or two about my makeup but just lashes turn out great. Maybe next time.

Top: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: BCBGeneration
Shirt: Hawes&Curtis

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