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Autumn Nails

It is nothing new that nails are always darker shade at fall. The transition is just like the wardrobe. Kinda the same but in the same time new.  White nails are definitely my thing, for every season but I got to change it for a while. I think that nice polished nails can replace makeup. It is just my opinion. There is no any excuse for choppy nails with this thing. Really it is how it is written on the bottle. One coat and quick dry.  I put just one coat on my nails and it drys on really quick. I got lot s of compliments on shade so as the question are they real? The Essence kill the game with this product.
If you try to find nail polish with just one swipe on the nails turn into gel kinda look this is the right thing for you. On my nails, it's about three days and then it starts to get off. It is dark purple although on pictures looks so black. My favorite of these is currently shade 09.

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Shades of  Essence nailpolish:
10 Instant adventure
09 Instant passion

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