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Pink Ribbon

 When it fits it is easier to style it... Maybe this skirt seems a little bit shapeless but with a proper belt, it is shapeable.
 I always wonder what will fashion look like in the future. And quite nothing changed except the fact that if you want to be fashionable now days just jump into mom or grandma closet. Because we are going back. Influence of famous decade like 1940" and Audrey Hepburn style is almost 80 years old but yet impeccable. Say what you want I got my midi skirt with pockets and it is the one of my not gonna wear it item. But still. The feeling though.. It is quite remarkable. Am I stuck in the wrong decade or just I won't be mind if the Fashion now days turn around and bring back that simple elegance.

This is something I wouldn't  wear on my daily base but there are sometimes that I go out of my comfort zone and try to kill the routine with something unusual. Like this midi skirt. This belt is not so tight but the classic leather belt will serve the purpose. A dose of sweetness with the baby pink shirt with ribbon on the back and asymmetric sleeves.

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