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Flower Denim Jeans

  In my case when I died my hair it is not a big deal for me. When I want to make a change I just do it. No matter of final result. It is not quite a good decision but hey. Life is short.
I am a natural redhead and I can't really remember last time when I got my natural hair color. The main trend with hair was ombre, balayage and light hair is now days go to color. But when you died your hair that is it. You cant just wash it and it will be the same again. Like, make up. If you mess up, just wipe it off. Bed outfit kicks bolt change. No aftermath.
So after almost year of making damage to my hair, i decide to cut almost a half. Believe me, there is nothing to do with famous hashtag new year new me. No no no.
Just missing my natural strong hair. I found a really good hairdresser and I mean really good. Now days finding a good one is equally to win a lottery. This hairstyle is so easy to make a good hair day. Currently, my go-to products are good shampoo, conditioning mist and of course dry shampoo. Just to refresh a color I use Loreal casting creme gloss. You cant really drastically change your hair color but to achieve a shade or two darker it is great.


This shirt is quite a historically. I am not 100% sure but it might be 30 years old. Mix of silk and cotton. Amazing material. My friends dont belive me when I say it is my grandma shirt.. Size 42..

Good fit dont you think?

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