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Blanc De Lune

This time I found inspiration for this outfit in my sisters closet. I paired this black culottes with blue blouse one hour before shooting. Is it a nonsense or just a whimsy but when I am thinking about what to wear outfit is always packed with a belt. Like a cherry on the top. This one is in shape of horse shoe. I didnt like it until the day when I went to the store and ask a nice lady to roam the hole because I have  a narrow waist. She was delighted with it so after all I was thinking it s not bed at all.
To complete these look I choose red lipstick, subtile cat eye, fluid, little bit of highlighter in cheeks. Under the blouse is golden top with lace detail. At the First sight this bag look so tiny but it is spacy. Belive it or not.

Bag Mango HERE
Blouse Esprit
Culottes Mango HERE
Shoes Jessica Simpson
Top Zara

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