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subota, travnja 08, 2017

Weekly Fashion Confession

I thought it would be just for fun. Shooting or two then I ll get bored and have some other hobby. Like I usually do

četvrtak, ožujka 30, 2017

Mission Possible

That is crucial. It can be on monday white blouse and highweisted skirt, then at tuesday stripped blouse and trousers.. Etc..

četvrtak, ožujka 23, 2017


t is my kinda way. Again simple. It is a beautiful spring day, somebody say sun is over the top. You cant even sit on the coffee and not to burned out haha..I

ponedjeljak, ožujka 20, 2017

Beauty Essentials

Every spring there are some new products to try on. Currently I am in love with the basics. Mascara, matt lipstick, nude nails and instead of blush highlighter on cheek bones. When I was younger I use to put on my face lots of foundation.

subota, ožujka 18, 2017

Never Say Never

How many times people say I will never? Quite a lot. I said that million times especially for combo running shoes and jeans. 
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